BJJ, Inc.-Fight to Win Brazilian Jiu-jitsu of Denver, NC is the premier martial arts facility for instruction in the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in the Denver, NC area. We are a full time, professional martial arts academy, owned & operated by Jon Plyler, a black belt under the legendary Royce Gracie. We are an affiliate of the Fight to Win team, headquartered out of Charlotte, NC, under the leadership of Steve Hall, also a Royce Gracie black belt. We are also an affiliate member of the Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Network.

Our academy focuses on providing the most fundamentally sound instruction to kids & adults of all ages & skill levels in all aspects of the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Whether your goal is to get in better shape, learn simple, proven effective self-defense techniques, or to participate in sport grappling or mixed martial arts competition, we have you covered! Contact us today to setup an appointment & schedule your first FREE trial class.


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